Bianna is the newest brand that 25 years old Marsan Marmara Holding added to its portfolio in 2005.

Bianna aims to offer a wide range of solutions that interpret and optimise living areas in a modern and innovative manner. The multiple bed, mattress, sofa and sofa-bed designs of bianna are conceived with an elegant and stylistic creativity to create a functional setting with a charming appearance.

Bianna aims to manage its service based on Total Quality in order to get higher customer satisfaction. The wide range of products, the competitive prices, the high quality of the products and the best after-sale service are the aspects of the Total Quality concept of bianna.

The producer firm of Bianna, Maryat A was founded in 2001 under Marsan Marmara Holding.
The mattresses produced by Maryat A.. passed the quality control and unflamability tests of American Underwriter Labrotaries successfully. Being also an exporter firm, Maryat A..has a subsidiary in New Hampshire, USA.